Vehicle tracking - Which device should I choose?

WorkMirror vehicle tracking offers several different GPS devices. The units have different strengths and weaknesses and it varies from case to case which unit is best suited. One of the most common questions we get is “what device should I have?”

Our most common devices

Our most popular devices are the OBD device and the battery-mounted device.

The OBD unit is placed directly in the car’s diagnostic socket and therefore does not disturb the driver while driving. Worth remembering is that the mechanic puts the unit back after service or repair. The battery-mounted unit is also hidden and is our most permanent solution. The battery is attached directly to the battery with a supplied tape on the back of the unit and the cable is connected to the battery’s plus and minus poles. Do not forget to switch off the ignition and use gloves when handling the car’s battery.

12 volt socket

Two of our units for vehicle tracking are easily mounted in the car’s 12 volt socket and are equipped with USB inputs

We also offer two units that are plugged directly into the car’s 12 volt socket. A small USB device and a unit with built-in driver identification. Both of these have USB inputs to easily charge, for example, their mobile phone during the trip. The unit with driver identification is especially suitable for those of you who have different drivers who share the cars.


Choose a device that suits your needs

Car tracker OBD

OBD vehicle tracking device

Our best-selling unit. Installs in a few seconds. The device is inserted into the cars diagnostic socket and is neither visible nor will it get in the way. It will alert you if the unit is disconnected.

Car tracker GPS

Mount on the battery.

Installed on the battery’s plus and minus terminals. The device is delivered with a fixing on the back that makes it easy to mount directly on the battery

Car tracker

12V Units

The device is inserted into the car's12 volt power socket and has a USB-port if a mobile phone needs charging during the journey

Vehicle tracking

Driver identification for vehicle tracking

The device is inserted into the car's 12 volt power socket and has a built-in RFID-reader with support for driver identification in the same device

Which vehicle tracking device suits me the best?

It depends on what your needs are. If you want the simplest possible installation, the OBD or USB device is probably a good choice. If you want to avoid the device not being reconnected after the car has been to the workshop, the battery-mounted device is a good choice. And if there are several of you driving the same car, the GPS unit with built-in driver identification is the obvious choice.

Remember, when you place your order, you always have the option to mix units if you need different units in different cars.


Yes, all our devices are equipped with built-in batteries that continue to report positions even if the device is pulled out or removed.

No. Since we look at our customer relations in the long term, we have included the cost of the Asset Tracker in the price. You therefore pay no premium for the Asset Tracker itself.

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