GPS-unit with driver identification

Do you have vehicles that are regularly driven by different people. Then you can easily see who was driving with our GPS device with built-in driver identification.

GPS and Driver identifiction in the same unit

With this device you do not have to have two devices in the car. The device has a built-in RFID reader that recognizes the most common tags and cards on the market.

The device is primarily for those of you who wish to be able to connect drivers to driven routes, we offer the opportunity to identify the driver with an RFID tag. This means that you can use your existing cards or tags together with our driving record without an extra device in the car.

Easy to install

The driver identification device is connected to the battery mounted.

In the WEB admin connect the driver identification device to the battry mounted GPS device.
Find a suitable location to place your driver identification device. Connect the device the socket to the 12V socket. The device is now ready for use. 

Technical data

WorkMirror Track Transmitter is designed with features that makes it work for its purpose

Dimension105x60x18 mm
Battery2.000 mAh
Buffer memory2.000 positions
Sensitivity- 162 dBm

Supports the most common RFID tags on the market


EM is an RFID standard that is common in access systems of various kinds. The most common is in the form of tags where the tag acts as a key to open doors and gates.


Mifare is the most common type when it comes to smart cards. It is used in everything from public transport passes, access to events and locations, and for many other areas of use.


A fully charged device that is out and running will last for about 5 days. If for some reason it should be pulled out, it will continue to register trips.

No. Since we look at our customer relations in the long term, we have included the unit into the price. So you do not pay a premium for the device itself.

Are you considering buying a large number of devices? Then contact one of our team.