GPS unit for the car's 12V socket

A small, flexible device equipped with USB inputs for charging e.g. mobile phone.

This is how it works

The GPS unit is located inside the cigarette socket. It starts up and sends positions as soon as it receives power

As the Cigarette socket is easy to install, it is also easy to remove. For this reason, we recommend, if possible, placing the cigarette socket in a socket in the luggage compartment or around the rear seat.
The cigarette socket itself is stable and is attached to cigarette charging sockets without shaking. Should the car be driven without the unit in the socket, an e-mail alarm will sound. The cigarette socket also contains two USB inputs

Easy installation

It does not get easier than this. The unit is small in size and is easily placed in the car’s cigarette socket (12V).

The device is plugged directly into the car’s cigarette charging socket and is equipped with two USB inputs that can be used to charge the mobile phone or other equipment during the trip. The device also has a battery that continues to report if the device is pulled out.

Technical data

WorkMirror Track Transmitter is designed with features that makes it work for its purpose

Dimension40x30x71 mm
Batteri300 mAh
Buffert minne1.000 positioner
Känslighet- 162 dBm


Get started in a few seconds


Place the unit in the cigarette socket


Connect the device to the correct car inside the WorkMirror web portal and start driving.


No. Since we look at our customer relationships in the long term, we have baked the unit into the price. You do not pay a premium for the device itself.

Are you considering buying a large quantity of units? Then contact one of our sellers .