About us

We have supplied many organisations with simple and reliable GPS- solutions since 2011 and have offices in Sweden, UK, Germany and USA.


WorkMirror is a part of Enera International AB and is a fast-growing player within telematics in Sweden. Our business model is based on a SaaS-solution (Software as a Service) where we offer a complete solution for electronic mileage logs. Our GPS-units are easy to install and we always strive for our services to be intuitive and easy to use. WorkMirror currently employs a handful of people, which gives us an advantage and enables us to offer significantly lower prices.


ISO 9001 focused on quality assurance. WorkMirror delivers a stable, high quality service to our customers, thereby ensuring a high degree of customer satisfaction. As part of our quality assurance accreditation, we maintain a healthy balance between customer relationships, responsible costs and staff well-being.

ISO 27001 focuses on information security. By meeting this standard, we ensure methodical and conscious work to meet information security within the company.